Providing Interim Project Management
and Planning Solutions for
Progressive Life Science Companies

Project Management (proj' ekt man'ij-mənt): 1. The subtle art of creating a climate in which high-performance teams feel comfortable taking risks; 2. The rare ability to translate invention into innovation; 3. The practice of linking compelling visions to value-creating, 'implementable' strategies; 4. A commitment to engaging fully the unique talents of highly intelligent people; 5. A leadership style with an enduring and consistent focus on people and the decisions they make.

ZephyrBiotech LLC has radically re-defined Project Management to support the needs of virtual, emergent and early stage life science companies. Our firm was founded on the premise that the business objectives of highly innovative companies are best served by a more sophisticated, imaginative project management style that blends both strategic and tactical elements in an agile and stage-appropriate manner. We place emphasis on 'doing the right things with the right people' to achieve our clients' product R & D and corporate sustainability goals. Leveraging our broad and deep domain knowledge in the bio/pharmaceutical industry, ZephyrBiotech is clearly differentiated in its focus on earlier stage companies where value-driving decision making is of top importance for advancing product candidates through the pipeline.

Focus: ZephyrBiotech LLC was formed by highly experienced healthcare executives with international track records in the biopharmaceutical industry. Based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, the center of biopharmaceutical investment, ZephyrBiotech has been providing solutions to meet the strategic and operational needs of early stage life science companies through its widely acknowledged expertise in Project Management and Strategic Planning.

What We Offer: ZephyrBiotech provides Interim Project Management to Life Science companies in the following areas:

  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Medical Devices
  • Technology/Discovery Platforms
  • Tools/Services

Value: ZephyrBiotech provides Project Management solutions to support early stage bio/ pharmaceutical firms with the experience, knowledge and talent to achieve value-creating successes. Specific benefits include:

  • Alleviates the cost of recruitment of permanent project management function, and eliminates the loaded costs at early stages of a company's life cycle
  • Immediate work output
  • Allows clients peace-of-mind in meeting milestones
  • Large data base and network of available interim project management executives
  • Enables the client to grow a full-time infrastructure organically to match the needs of the business
  • Provides consistency, transparency, operational focus, and confidence in achieving milestones

Expertise: The Partners of ZephyrBiotech have had highly distinguished careers in major corporations as well as startup companies. In addition, we have managed both for-profit and non-profit life science-related projects. Our offerings include:

  • Providing commercial focus to development programs
  • Prioritizing R and D pipelines
  • Identification of business development targets
  • Creating 'executable' project plans
  • Executive-level cross-functional team selection and management
  • Preclinical and clinical CRO selection and management
  • CMC team management CMO selection and management
  • Directing regulatory submissions to FDA, MHRA, TGA
  • Competitive intelligence analysis, interpretation and monitoring

ZephyrScope In addition to its focus on Interim Project Management and Planning, ZephyrBiotech has developed a real time proprietary database of up to date analyses of investments into Life Science companies. These analyses provide a unique and customized breakdown of investment sources and the companies who received funding. The analysis covers the product profiles, therapeutic indications, and stages of development of funded companies. This database can further support the clients of ZephyrBiotech with their financing strategies by enabling a more streamlined and efficient approach to fundraising efforts, as well as ensuring access to benchmarking information.

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